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The One Aim Team:

The One Aim Team will be in its 6th year for The Ride in 2015.  Our team grew out of a training group that we established for The Ride in 2009.  We have grown from 18 members in 2010 to over 130 in 2014!  For the last few years, we have been the second largest team in The Ride (only Enbridge is bigger)!  The One Aim Team is a team for all shapes, all sizes and all ages; the best demonstration of this is that, over the past 4 years, One Aim team members have been in the first group of riders into Camp on Day 1 and some of the last riders into the finish on Day 2.  We have a very welcoming group who help each other with all aspects of The Ride from the actual riding to bike-maintenance to fundraising…and we also have a strict “no drop” rule on our training rides.  We also arrange ad hoc rides that are typically longer and faster for the more ambitious riders.

Training Rides:  All rides operate a strict NO-DROP policy.

All of our training rides are OPEN to EVERYONE…not just One Aim team members.  Our training group leads rides throughout the summer.

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